Pusat Sejarah Rakyat // Kuala Lumpur

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Based in the Kuala Lumpur region, Pusat Sejarah Rakyat (People’s History Centre) is an independent historical archive of the people’s struggle in Malaysia and Singapore. The centre has been established as an independent non-profit organization that will focus on the collation, classification and preservation of records – written, oral and visual – of personalities, groups and communities, events and struggles, particularly those which have not been recorded, or which have been neglected, sidetracked or vilified in the official historiography. The project involves the co-operation of social activists, academics, scholars and researchers from both Malaysia and Singapore. The centre is also initiating an ambitious oral history project, People’s Histories and the Making of Malaysia, because no one else is doing it – not the National Archive and none of the universities.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

– Kamarul Ruhana









October 19th, 2017


Barcelona Rebelde // Barcelona

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    The Barcelona not found in the guidebooks
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    Mixed guided tour and street theatre
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    Tour of the May Events of 1937

Barcelona Rebelde is an initiative by a group of young historians who want to use different media to communicate the history of Barcelona from below: the Barcelona of anonymous men and women and their uprisings against conscription, consumption taxes, mechanisation, the nobility, centralism, fascism, and for the revolution. A range of historic tours are offered in order to understand these events. Most of them are in Spanish, some in English. Most are straightforward guided tours, some are theatrical street interventions.

“Thanks for contributing to keeping history alive. The Barcelona of 1936 gives hope that a better world is possible.”

– Armando Oviedo









May 23rd, 2014


Il Caso S. // Bologna

Based in Bologna, Italy, Il Caso S. is a radical history project which emphasises the social value of historical studies. Founded in 2011 by a group of university students, it soon became animated by a larger group of people passionate about history. The collective – which recently turned into cultural association – remains active in finding new and socially inventive ways to curate and communicate history outside academia: from mainly web-based activities to public events, debates and presentations, as well as radio broadcasts and student seminars. Topics covered range from the 1953 workers’ uprising in East Berlin, to the anti-colonialism of Frantz Fanon and the 1977 police shooting of Francesco Lorusso in Bologna. Il Caso S. aim to link the local to the global and use a combination of perspectives and approaches such as those found in the study of labour history, environmental justice, and gender…. to mention but a few.

“A tutti quelli che hanno sempre visto la Storia come uno sforzo inutile e pedante basterà stringere amicizia con un tale Solomon Shereshevsky per ricredersi.”

– Gaia Celeste









May 23rd, 2014


Bristol Radical History Group

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    Since 2006
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    2 of 28 pamphlets from the Bristol Radical Pamphleteer
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The Bristol Radical History Group was formed in 2006 with a view of opening up some of the hidden history of their home city to public scrutiny, to challenge some commonly held ideas about historical events and approach this history from below. In the tradition of the History Workshop movement the genesis of BRHG was in a sports club rather than the academy. Over the last decade BRHG has been able to successfully integrate the formal lecture with street performance, the organic intellectual with the academic, and engage the public in the excitement of radical history by the use of different media, such as public talks, recreations, film screenings, historic markers and pamphlets. BRHG is currently engaged in several research projects and has helped form a number of community and campaigning history groups in the city.

“Lest we forget, the Bristol Radical History Group has renewed the History Workshop tradition in many ways.”

– Peter Linebaugh









May 23rd, 2014