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    Tours to Palestinian refugee camps - and Israeli settler colonies
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    The ‘Separation Barrier’ around Jersualem

Since 1997, Abu Hassan has operated Alternative Tours which runs a small bus out of central Jerusalem. Visitors are taken to destinations in East Jerusalem and further into the West Bank: towns like Hebron and Nablus, villages, community centers, refugee camps, and – in sharp contrast – lush settler colonies. Focusing on the different historical, geographic, political, and socio-economic aspects of the Israeli occupation, these half- or full-day tours assist a better understanding of the history of the Palestinian refugee situation as well as today’s hardships under the regime of checkpoints, bypass roads, curfews, house demolitions and continued ethnic cleansing. The guide is a journalist and former activist who, from the age of 13, has spent 12 years in different Israeli prisons but has now chosen alternative means of resistance to the occupation.

“Guide and activist Abu Hassan not only showed me sides of the West Bank few people have seen (including the partitioned refugee camp of Deit Albarid) but took very good care of me and my fellow travelers in a potentially dangerous and extremely volatile situation in Hebron.”

– Bruised Earth