• 962-bill-1
    Recreated Salford Cornershop in black and white, The Lowry, 2002
  • 962-bill-3-ca
    Carried Away, People's History Museum, 2010
  • 600-bill-2
    Myth of the North, The Lowry, 2007
  • 962-bill-4-pr
    The People's Republic, Museum of Liverpool, 2011
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Bill Longshaw is an artist and freelance curator who works in museums in NW England on projects related to urban, working class history. His 2007 PhD thesis examined how working class life has been represented and mythologised by the heritage industry. Since 2008 he has worked on projects linking communities with museum collections and helped people to curate their own past. He’s also been on the curatorial team for several innovative exhibitions at the People’s History Museum in Manchester and the Museum of Liverpool.

“Visit the exhibition at the Lowry and you’ll soon find yourself in a terraced street complete with a Co-op shop and washing hanging high between the houses.”

– Chris Verguson, BBC Bradford & West Yorkshire