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    Plaque on Emmet Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8

Donal Fallon is a historian based in Dublin. His primary interests are the social and radical history of the city, from the 1790s right up to contemporary struggles. His publications include a study of Dublin working class gang violence in the 1930s (in Locked Out: A Century of Irish Working Class Life) and a study of Dublin’s Nelson Pillar, blown up by Irish republicans in 1966. He provides tours of the city and teaches accessible Adult Education classes at University College Dublin, and is one of the trio of writers behind the blog Come Here To Me, which explores unusual aspects of Dublin’s history, and which aims to spark greater dialogue and discussion among Dubliners with regards to the history around them. Donal has supported campaigns to erect historical plaques and memorials in the city to reflect Dublin’s revolutionary past, and is currently working on a television documentary project focused on the Republican Congress, a radical movement in 1930s Ireland.

“The blog comeheretome.com shows how amateur online endeavours can eventually morph into more concrete archiving of anecdote, opinion, social history and fact.”

– The Sunday Times