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Eric Duivenvoorden is the founder of the Staatsarchief, the archive of the Dutch squatters movement. From the early nineties onwards he is collecting the material from and about this notorious social movement. The squatters started their crusade in the mid-sixties and are going on, unfortunately in retreat nowadays, since squatting in The Netherlands is banned since 2010. Duivenvoorden has published several books on the subject (‘A foot in the door’ + ‘The coronation riot’) and also produced a documentary film (‘It was our city’). Apart from squatters he has also published books about the Provo movement (‘Rebellious Youth’), happening artist Robert Jasper Grootveld (‘Magician of a new age’), Amsterdam neighbourhood committees and action groups (‘Stay out of our neighbourhood!’), and Dutch social movement posters (‘With bucket and brush’).

“A groundbreaking work that stands solid like a house.”

– Geert Mak