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    17.10.61: Prison de la Santé

RaspouTeam is a Paris-based collective of urban artists founded in 2005. They have undertaken several projects aiming to spread information about key moments in the radical history of Paris. Events covered have included the Paris Commune of 1871, and the Paris Massacre of 1961 when hundreds of Algerian protesters were killed by the French police. The group engages with the public at large by using and subverting new technologies (QR codes, GPS data, online maps) mixed with ‛old-media’ urban interventions such as posters, stencils and graffiti. Onscreen actions and on-the-street experiences are closely linked in presentations where tools of commercial advertisers are turned into tools for historical enlightenment.

“En 2011, les murs parisiens servent de nouveau de support pour d’immenses sérigraphies retraçant les grands événements de cet épisode révolutionnaire et collées par une bande de trois amis venus du street art, connue sous le nom de Raspouteam.”

– Audrey Olivetti, Théâtres Politiques