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    Matt Fish and Rob Logan at Unofficial Histories, Huddersfield, 2014
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    David Rosenberg at Unofficial Histories, Manchester, 2013
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    The International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam
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Unofficial Histories is a public conference to discuss how society produces, presents, and consumes history beyond official and elite versions of the past. Established in 2012, the conference aims to open up to examination the ways in which historians, curators, writers, journalists, artists, archivists, geographers, film makers, musicians, playwrights, activists and others, produce and present the past in the public realm, popular culture and in everyday life. Amongst many other concerns, the conference strives to consider whether the writing, making and ‘doing’ of unofficial histories can have political effects that might serve democratic and emancipatory goals, and if and how they can be seen as sources of dissent and resistance against conventional, privileged models of historical knowledge.

“…a coming together of historians – academic, students and members of the public – to look at history as it is being presented today. It stepped out of the straight jacket of academia and actually took history to the public – an amazing weekend.”

– Janet Sullivan