• 700-win-4D
    "He who takes these tours is an unpatriotic journeyman."
  • 962-win-1
    In the Free Republic of Kreuzberg
  • 962-win-3
    On the traces of protest and resistance, in German and English
  • 700-win-9
    At the corner where Axel Springer Street meets Rudi Dutschke Street
  • 962-win-8
    Anti-fascist map of Kreuzberg

Win Windisch (born 1982 in East Berlin) runs Berlin Subversiv which offers people’s history tours in five different districts of Berlin, as well as thematic tours marking anniversaries of key events, for example the abolition of trade unions by the Nazis in 1933, the first uprising in East Germany against Stalinism in 1953 and the German Revolution of 1918. He takes a wide range of short-term visitors, long-time residents and organised groups like trade unions, exchange students and activists from countries like Tunisia, Burkina Faso and South Korea. This is the city of Berlin in a very different light. What have advertising columns and the construction of canals got to do with the 1848 revolution? What does underground railway architecture reveal about social inequality? Where in the city are the hidden traces of protest and resistance, of moments when unknown men and women made history?

“Finally a tour of huts instead of palaces.”

– Kerstin Wolter, student, Berlin