Founded in 2012, HFB is a loose international network of independent radical history activists and practitioners

About HFB network and DIY history research
* MMU, Manchester (May 2015)

Inventive radical history outside of academia
* Bristol, South West England

Combining street art and new technology
* Paris Commune 1871

Expeditions in the subversive city
* Berlin

Podcast/blog recovering the neglected past
* Australia (Melbourne)

Grassroots perspectives on social movements
* San Francisco

Collective mapping and infographics
* South America (Buenos Aires)

Social media, podcasts, accessories
* International

A history workshop of the streets
* East London

Subversive interventions of public spaces
* Catalonia

London radical histories and possibilities
* South London

Illustrate · Educate · Organize
* Canada

Epic photographic tableaux vivants
* UK

Posters looking at struggles for social justice
* International

Histories in movement
* Italy (Bologna)

Guided tour and walking museum
* Barcelona

Revolution and class war in 1:35 scale
* International (Hobbykeller, Köln)

Cultural ephemera from social movements
* Brooklyn, NY

People’s history in Malaysia and Singapore
* Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

Mapping the insurrection of 1760-61
* Cambridge, MA

We Radical Histerians
* Nottingham, East Midlands

Archives of dissent
* Glasgow, Scotland

Podcasts, tours, stand-up comedy
* Copenhagen, Dænemark

La historia del Caribe y Latinoamérica
* Puerto Rico